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"We provide the technical know-how and information to bridge the gap between the Producer, the Markets, and their Market Agents"

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Technofresh Products and Prices

What is MRS Pro and MRS Lite?

The Web based Market Reconciliation System is our Flagship product. The MRS Pro version gives you the ability to track and reconcile your Market deliveries by providing all the transactions - sales, amendments and payments, on the day they take place at the market. The information is updated as soon as the markets release it and you can access your data from any web connected device, that has browser capabilites, anywhere in the world.

Every delivery in detail as far down as invoice number against each sale. This will help you to understand exactly what is happening with your products at the market. You can set up your own destinations and create delivery notes in the system as well as record payments made against these deliveries. Technofresh is recognised by the relevant Market Authorities and we have been endorsed by a number of Growers Associations. It is our mission to be the Information provider of choice in the Fresh Produce Industry in South Africa.

Our product prices - these will apply from 1st July 2021

MRS Pro:

  • Registration fee: R750.00 once off.  (R862.50 incl VAT)
  • Monthly user fee: R135.00 per month per market where a delivery is made. (R155.25 incl VAT)
  • Please note cost is per market and not per agent.
  • With a minimum charge of R270.00 per month. (R310.50 incl VAT)
  • With a maximum charge of R810.00. (R931.50 incl VAT)

Potatoes South Africa Members:

  • R315.00 per month fixed fee. (R362.25 incl VAT)

MRS Lite:

  • Registration fee: R0.00 once off. (R0.00 incl VAT)
  • Monthly user fee: R0.00 per month regardless of how many markets are registered. (R0.00 incl VAT) or R220.00 per month if you include Fresh Stats as part of the deal. (R253.00 incl VAT)

All Clients:

  • Out of season R50.00 per month. (R57.50 incl VAT). This only applies when there are no deliveries that take place in a month.
  • You can register as many markets / agents as you want to, you only pay the monthly user fee when you make a delivery to a market. All other months, you pay the out of season fee.

What is Fresh Stats?

Technofresh provides market statistics in the form of daily market prices and volumes from 17 Fresh Produce Markets around the country, published on our website as a subscription service to anyone who would like this information. We publish and update through the morning as daily stats. We are in the process of revising our policy regarding access to history older than one year. Please contact us for details.


  • Registration fee: R200.00 once off. (R230.00 incl VAT)
  • Monthly user fee: Supplier / Producer R225.00 per month. (R258.75 incl VAT) or Non-producer / Agent / Buyer R420.00 per month. (R483.00 incl VAT)

What is Early Fax Data?

Certain Producers prefer their sales information to be available as soon after the markets close as possible. We provide a summary as well as detail sales information at 11:30 am via the Technofresh website to Producers who register for this service. The report is a summary that can be viewed on our website or downloaded for use in a spreadsheet.


  • Registration fee: R100.00 (for non MRS and Fresh Stats clients only). (R115.00 incl VAT)
  • Monthly user fee: R50.00 per month for existing MRS clients. (R57.50 incl VAT) or R110.00 per month for non MRS and Fresh Stats clients. (R126.50 incl VAT)

What are PDF Account Sales?

This is a service we offer on behalf of those Market Agents who enter into an agreement with us. Please note that we cannot activate you for this service, you need to ask your agent to do this.

When an agent makes a payment a document is generated. This account of sale / tax invoice is then sent by various means to the producer. It can go snail mail (print and post), by email or fax. Technofresh offers a service that allows us to collect account sales (for some agents it is payment summaries and discard notes as well) then send these all in one email drop to you the producer. It is fast, convenient and cost effective to all concerned. We also provide an archive, of all the emailed documents, on our website that allows our clients to look for documents they might have mislaid or lost if a computer problem occurs. The documents are in a format that makes it impossible to change and is compliant with SARS requirements. Usually the agent pays for this service, but we cannot dictate the terms so in some cases they may charge the producer a fee.

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PDF Account Sales Info

Click here to see a list of all the Agents for which we supply account sales via email.

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